A book is generally recognized on the basis of how and when it is published. A lot of books do not have any identifying numbers. There are 2 bar coding systems, which are normally used in various books. The common numbers, which are used, are the UPC codes, the EAN Codes and the ISBN codes. EAN stands for European Article Number. EAN should be found in the newer books. They are of two types, one is the EAN of 13 digits, and the other one is EAN +5 of 18 digits. In the case of EAN +5, the price and currency codes the last 5 digits.

About the different barcodes

EAN is the primary section of the EAN barcode. First three digits represent the country code. The subsequent nine digits represent ISBN and checksum. The secondary section of EAN code denotes the price. The first digit represents the currency, and the next four digits represent the price. The UPC and EAN uses similar barcode font. Every character is articulated in 4 bars. Both EAN as well as UPC codes have supplementary error checking. A lot of retailers are able to make their individual systems of inventory tracking with the help of barcodes. They are able to print up the stickers with the help of the barcode font, which are understood by their computer.

About Bookland EAN

EAN is currently referred as International Article Number. EAN is basically a barcode, which is an identification number of 13 digits. Each EAN Codes have the ability to uniquely identify and recognize the manufacturer and the attributes of the book. In general, you will find the EAN in the back cover of a book, in the form of a number and bar code. The fictitious country of Bookland is created is created for reserving the exclusive prefix of the country code. A price barcode, which is placed on the adjacent side of EAN 13, is a type of EAN-5.

Scanning the bar codes

EAN is a type of new bar coding system, which is considered as the successor of the existing UPC system. The system of EAN adds an additional digit in the start of UPC number. It recognizes the bar code origin across the world. EAN code and UPC code are also called as the 2d barcodes. This is due to the fact that, they symbolize the data in 2 dimensions. It is a very common form of barcodes, which seems like a set of parallel lines in naked eyes.

Use of 2d scanner

If you want to want to scan a EAN, UPC or any kind of barcode system, then you will require the barcode scanner along with the software platform for interpreting the scanned data. You can use the POS software for scanning the UPC in the retail environment.

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