UPC codes are an alternating black and white bars accompanied with their 12 digit randomly generated numbers that appear on almost every item that you see in the market, starting from a pencil to a golfing bag. These UPC codes are helpful in giving exact information about every item, thus telling the retailer what they are selling and the customer about how much they are buying.

UPC codes, what are they?

Each combination of black and white bars, along with their combination code is identification for every item on sale. It helps in tracking the journey of a product right from its warehouse storage till the time it was sold, and this tracking can be done across global boundaries. All businesses who want to sell their items through an outlet with authenticity and accuracy have to Get UPC Code for each of its items. A business can buy these UPC codes directly from GS1, a non-profit UK based group, or from small companies who buy these UPC codes in bulk, and then sell it further to other businesses on need basis.

Is it necessary to get UPC code?

If you are selling your items through small shops who do not have an electronic reader, then now you do not need to get UPC code. But if you want to have any presence in retailing business, or even if you want to sell your products online through sites like Amazon, then buying UPC codes for your products is not only valuable, it is mandatory. Since a UPC code helps the retailers to know about the authenticity of your item, and it also helps them in tracking and maintaining their inventory and shipment more efficiently.

How to get it?

If you are a bigger business who sells hundreds of items on a regular basis, then it is better registering with GS1 and get UPC code, which identify not just your products, but also your business uniquely. To do that, you will have to pay a one-time fee and get your business registered with GS1. After registering, the business firm is given a unique identification number for their business, after which you add a code for your products. Finally, GS1 appends a series of randomly generated numbers to this code to complete your UPC code which are unique for every item.

Alternatively, if you are a startup or a smaller business with just a handful of items to sell, then you can get UPC codes for your items from some companies who buy these UPC codes and then sell them further in much smaller numbers based on the buyers’ requirements. Though, it should be remembered that the starting few numbers of these UPC codes would still be registered with the company who bought them from GS1. So that the company needs to give you a certificate of authenticity with each UPC code you buy from them.

To give authenticity to each item it is crucial to get a UPC code for them, this not only gives accuracy to them, but also helps in efficiently managing your products’ shipment and inventory.

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All of the UPC codes that are sold by us are 100% Authentic and originally issued by the UCC/GS1-US.


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